My Monat Review

Hello Everyone!!! I am so excited to get into this topic and share my opinion on the matter because I feel like this company gets alot of bad press and reports brought up constantly. Please do not hate me for saying this, but I personally know a lot of people who use the products and have no issue what so ever. I myself use these products and they have done wonders for my curls LET-ME-TELL-YOU!

I always say you have to find out things in your own way and in your own time, you cannot always believe everything you hear and just run with it. I have wanted to give this brand a try for a very long time and once my sister told me what it has done for her and my niece (who has curls just like me) I couldn’t pass this up. I kid you not within a month I started to see a huge difference in my curl pattern, the shaping and texture was so much better and my curl moisture now last longer than it use it.

I really liked the products very quickly so I took a leap of faith and joined as a Market Partner. Now to clear the rumors, there is a fee when first signing up and that is solely for you to purchase the Starter Kit of your choice. The way it was presented to me was it being an invest and what a lot of people said in their reviews is that they really were able to make back what they put in. I will always be that person to look up reviews before I do anything because in this world you truly never know what is real and what is not. I have been a partner for two months, I have had the chance to talk with some amazing ladies and really inspiring at that. I am still getting use to the environment but everyone is there to work and I think people have to keep that in mind too. This is your business so you absolutely have to own it and if you apply yourself you can really get far, I have seen it first hand and the hype is truly real! This week actually just started what we call Impact week and this is where the company launches brand new products to the world. Last year, they announced the Skincare line and they sold out withing 2 hours, it is crazy how numbers do not lie!

If there is anyone out there who is wanting to find out what the buzz is all about and get your hands on pretty amazing products for yourself, then click right here and enroll today! I truly began my journey as side hustle meanwhile I still have my 9 to 5 job and I still have this website as well. In no way am I saying this is my everything but if you apply yourself you do have the ability to make it your full time job absolutely! I get amazing discount off these natural based products and they have helped me so much so why not make extra money off of something that I really enjoy! Again for anyone who does not believe in what you may see on Instagram or social media in general, I totally respect your opinion and if you are visiting my site please please respect mine, nothing but love!!

Later this week or next, I am going to be sharing the exact products I use and or my routine let me know what you guys think in the comment section!!

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