My 8 Guilty Pleasures on Netflix

I don’t know about you but these last few months of being in quarantine (adjusting to our new normal that is dealing with Covid-19), this alone time has allowed me to give a new show a try or more true to my style re watch a series I haven’t seen in forever! If you’re in the market for a new show, just simply fed up with anything currently stuck on your TV, you should definitely give one of these nine a try! Take a look below at some of my to die for and some that were surprisingly entertaining.

1.) Gilmore Girls

If you are a coffee lover like myself and enjoy that cozy home feeling and in the mood to laugh, THIS IS IT! I am totally a Lorelai all the way coffee is my life and her random rants are right up my alley. This mother-daughter relationship is inspiring and hilarious you will fall in love.

2.) Alexa and Katie

My sister recommended this when it first premiered on Netflix, I wasn’t too sure because it was different compared to what I would normally binge. However, I was SO wrong…. this show is not only funny but so beyond heartfelt, Alexa and Katie are ultimate friendship goals so if you’re in the mood for girl time and ready for flashbacks of your high school days you will love this.

3.) The Vampire Diaries

Obviously if you have been around since 2009 you have to know what this show is and if you don’t you are truly missing out. I can’t lie, when on air I had the hardest time being interested or keeping up but this past year I took a chance a finally watched the entire series. If you’re in the mood for endless amount of different romances and the life or death situations this is the best one to binge watch. For the record I am totally team Damon!

4.) Glee

This show will always be one of my ultimate guilty pleasures, it all started one Oxygen marathon and BAM it stuck like glue. While some will say it is cheesy or corny, I simply love that factor but also the stories and message of the show. Their music will endlessly be stuck inside your head for years on end and I have to admit I definitely still have some of their songs on my Apple music.

5.) 13 Reasons Why

When it first came out everyone I know tuned in and couldn’t stop talking about it! I myself couldn’t resist and fell in love with Hannah’s story but always Clay’s side of things. If you haven’t yet definitely give this one a try, the latest and final season was just released last month (which I still need to complete), the messages are deep and serious but definitely need to be heard.

6.) Fuller House

Now they are ultimate friendship goals, if you were a big Full House fan then you will love this reboot. Even though their final season just came out, that’s even more of a reason for you to see what the SheWolf gang is all about.

7.) Charmed (2018)

Now now I will never take away from the original Power of 3 because those were my girls! This reboot has it’s own flavor and story lines which made me the happiest because they could never compared to Pure, Piper and Phoebe. This series connects more with today’s generation and I actually really like it.

8.) Family Reunion

Now again, I fair warn this show definitely has the cheesy factor but how can you not love Tia Mowry? This is one of the newer series to air and while I am months late this has made me laugh until my stomach hurt.

If this list brings you the slightest bit of joy then I’ve done my job, COMMENT below if any of these titles caught your eye or if there are any not listed that you think I should try. Have fun! – Marissa xo

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