Big Big Changes

Hey there! It has certainly been a VERY long time since I have taken the opportunity to just relax and made time to write a post. So much has changed in the last few months from COVID19 to me moving out on my very own, all scaling from scary to exciting. First things first, everything that has been going on in the world just absolutely terrifies me yet has definitely opened my eyes. When the news of the virus first came about I was beyond scared especially with having an illness like Diabetes, my anxiety was at an all time high because I felt like I could not afford to get sick at all. In all aspects of my life I have taken the opportunity to thoroughly clean anything I touch before and after using just following the cleaning procedures that the CDC so kindly listed for us all. For me personally, moving forward I will continue to always have sanitizer on me and maybe even wipes just to always be in the clear and extra safe,

Now onto the moving news…… I GOT MY OWN PLACE! I could not be any happier to announce this and to finally say this is something I fully did on myself. I can not lie things have not been so easy when it comes to this transition, I come from such a big family so it’s for sure a huge adjustment that I am still getting use to. It has been 3 months now that I’ve been out on my own and it has been good for me, I am learning what it’s like to really enjoy your alone time and to have a say in everything. I honestly love the idea of getting to decorate from Christmas the way I want to this year and to be able to switch thing around or take things out that I just don’t like anymore. This time has also helped me to better manage my money and to really prioritize things that matter most, separating the wants from the needs.

This quarantine time has allowed me to really redirect my focus on what I need to do with this website and how I want to move forward. This post is a step in the right direction and I just wanted to briefly fill you all in with a little life update. I will be back next week with a brand new post and I can’t wait to share more home updates and other fun stuff with you all! Thanks for tuning in, xoxo

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