Even though my birthday was last Monday I still wanted to post a blog about it lol I’ve been slacking on posting lately so I wanted to get right back into posting ! I’m very blessed and thankful to see another birthday and have another year pass , this year my birthday was very unique to say the least. The days before were totally hectic due to family tragedies, I’m very thankful that my family is ok and getting past that tough time , it was very scary to think we almost lost someone we all love and cherish very much but I know God always has a plan and so grateful to him for getting us all through this ! To some that may sound corny but that’s how I feel lol. Also wanted to give a shout out to Diabetes Awareness Month which is November! Being a Type 1 diabetic it’s funny how it’s also my birthday month but I’m very grateful to still be here with this disease being able to fight through it because at times it definitely has not been easy , I’ve had my fair share of hard times and not really doing everything I was suppose to when it comes to taking care of my health. Being older now I know better and have grown so much with my health , my heart goes out to anyone else that struggles with this disease , it’s not an easy fight but we can not give up and keep pushing through. Be kind because you never know someone else’s daily struggle ! 💋❤️