Fresh Start 2020!

Hi Everyone!!! I can not believe it has been almost a year since I have written or posted on here and that honestly makes me so sad/disappointed in myself. I first want to wish all of my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The fact that it's not only year 2020 BUT a whole new decade [...]

My 8 Guilty Pleasures on Netflix

I don't know about you but these last few months of being in quarantine (adjusting to our new normal that is dealing with Covid-19), this alone time has allowed me to give a new show a try or more true to my style re watch a series I haven't seen in forever! If you're in [...]

Big Big Changes

Hey there! It has certainly been a VERY long time since I have taken the opportunity to just relax and made time to write a post. So much has changed in the last few months from COVID19 to me moving out on my very own, all scaling from scary to exciting. First things first, everything [...]